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Business Psychology & Expressive Arts Facilitator

Bella is originally from Peking China, already at an early age, she was interested in exploring the mystery of human mind and behaviors. After completing her high school IB diploma, she continued her master degree at the University of Edinburgh, majoring in psychology. Her passion for art and organizational development has led her to further expand her knowledge and experience in Business Psychology as well as Expressive Arts Coaching & Consulting.


By witnessing the transformative process during art-making, she now wants to combine the creative learning with personal and team development. Her daily practice and teaching in Yoga and Mindfulness have made her become more aware of the mind-body connection, and the importance to take a pause to breath.


She is also very interested in cultural diversity and health promotion at the workplace, particularly how to promote intercultural integration and employee engagement through the co-creative process.

M.A. Psychology 

   The University of Edinburgh

-  Certified Expressive Arts Facilitator

-  Certified Yoga Instructor

   Currently Study:

M.A. Business Psychology

   HMKW Berlin

M.A. Expressive Arts Coaching Consulting

   The Expressive Arts Institute Berlin

   The European Graduate School

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