The quality of Time

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Tjolöholms Slott. Sweden, 2018

Time is not just in a linear direction or in a two dimensional space so to speak; it also has its depth,which is manifested as the richness or intensity of the experience during a specific period. For instance, when you meet a good friend or someone you can connect with very well, even it is just one or two hours talking, this time period means more to you than the eight hours you spent on the train feeling bored and exhausted. The qualities of these two time periods are very different, the former feels richer and has more depth in its actual lived experience.

However, most of us are not aware of this and put all our attention on the linear direction of Time by wondering “what’s coming next?” “What is my next goal?” “What plan shall I make for the next hour, day, or week?”. Constantly chasing after the past and the future makes us absent from the present moment, as a result, we lose the opportunity to create a deeper and richer experience in every moment we are living in.

If the length of one’s lifetime is limited and is not under his/her control, I’d say we definitely have some control over affecting and creating the depth and the quality of our limited lifetime. What will come will come, like March will arrive once February’s ended, whether you want it or not. It’d be easier to let nature take its own course; at the same time, to direct our attention back to the present moment, where all the possibilities exit, where we can enrich and add depth to our own lifetime.

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