Water Element - Energy Healing [水-疗愈的能量]

"Close your eyes and sit still, now we listen to the sound of water… Be aware of your breath and tranquility… Keep following the sound of water stream… going with the flow."

Blue, the color of ocean and water, is also the color of intuition, imagination, trust, sensitivity, freedom, inspiration and calmness.

By listening to the sound of water and visualizing a tranquil lake can create a powerful healing energy that readjusts the balance within our body and mind. According to Ayurveda, the Water Element is one of the five forces that comprise the universe which is the principle of cohesion. It is also seen as a container for prana (the life force energy), as it possesses the quality of flow and constant motion, just like the movement of our own breath (in constant flow).

Majorca, Spain, 2018

Oshun, an Aftican Yoruba Goddess of love, fresh water, and fertility, has the water-element energy which encourages healing, harmony, compassion, and going with the flow.

Additional meanings relate to the Water Element include purpose, adaptability, reflection, cleaning, forgiveness, purification, joy, calm, empathy, and hope.

Today, why not try to listen to the sound of water and observe what would emerge during the process.

水- 疗愈的能量

“水” 元素有疗愈的能量. 它通常代表着和谐、慈悲、爱、原谅、净化、空间等. 此刻,你可以闭上双眼,把注意力关注在水流的声音,去用心感受它的灵动,感受它带给你内在能量的变化.

Sweden, 2019

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