Personal Consultation

  • Become more aware of yourself and new possibilities for   personal growth and fulfillment  

  • Align your skills, interests, internal and external resources, line of work, and long-term visions 

  • Clarify your goals for the professional and personal life 

  • Cultivate individual and team creativity in a fun and open space

  • Empowerment through imagination and creativity

  • Enhance your intercultural knowledge

  • Learn techniques to reduce your stress and anxiety 

  • Take a pause to find a healthy proportion of your WorkLife, and to improve the overall well-being

  • Lead a transformational change

Creative Meeting

Group Embodied Learning Workshop

  • Raise the self-awareness of individuals and their roles within the team 

  • Find new ways to communicate and collaborate with one another through creative tasks

  • Enhance intercultural knowledge and understanding 

  • Create collective consciousness to achieve team alignment

  • Establish new visions and goals

  • Hold an open space for sharing and exchanging resources

  • Build trust and an inclusive culture through co-creation

  • Improve engagement through fun and innovative activities

  • Drive organic growth in the team

  • Establish a team ecosystem for individuals to learn, to motivate and inspire

Hatha Yoga & Mindfulness Class

  • Ease tension and stiffness in your body and mind

  • Deepen the breath to attain peace and tranquility

  • Improve blood circulation and metabolism

  • Eliminate back pain and neck pain due to long hours sitting

  • Improve sleep quality and alleviate gastrointestinal difficulties

  • Increase focus and concentration

  • Increase clarity in thinking and perception

  • Build strength and vitality in your body and mind